Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Immoral to hasten return

...Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh ...

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Omar Ibn r.a. said face said to us (in a day) then he said: "O Muhajirs, five if you have dibalakan to it (if you have to do), there is no longer good for you. And I seek refuge with Allah that you may can not find the time. These are things that are: -

A. No discovery (see) adultery on a people until they dare to do so straightforward, but they will strike Tha'un disease spread rapidly among them, and they will suffer the diseases that have not previously suffered by the peoples of the past.

Two. And no they reduce the measure and weight, but they will dibalakan with drought and hard earn money and tyranny of their leaders.

Three. And they will not hold charity property except those held for rain from the sky. If no animal (who also live on this earth) will never be given rain by Allah.

4. And no promise they will default except Allah and His Messenger, Allah will empower them on their enemies, then grab some of the enemy in what is in their hands.

Five. And when their leaders do not implement the law of God contained in the Quran and do not want to make it as an option, then (at that time) He will make war among themselves. "(Narrated by Ibn Majah) Description: This hadith explains that:

A. cholera and Aids is caused by a lot of adultery.

Two. difficulties in finding things and evil people leadership is due to the reduced weights and measures.

Three. drought is not zakat due

4. enemy the ability to take part of what is owned by the Muslims (such as loss of Palestinian land from the hands of the Muslims) are attributed to them betrayed their promise to Allah

Five. The civil war among the Muslims is due to set aside the laws of God and do not want to make Al-Quran as the law of life.

Scripture references: 40 Hadith End-Time Events (Abu Ali Al-Riau An-Nadwi) the issuance of Treasury Banjariah


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